Bicycle Head Lifting Core Headset Washer

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Product specifications:
Size: Compatible with 28.6mm front forklift head tube
Material: Steel
Colour: Black
Weight: 77 grams

1. Material: This headset is very light because it is made of high-quality steel. Chrome-plated, corrosion-resistant, improved durability and mirror effect, the expansion hanging core is used to replace the old sunflower, which has a better supporting effect.
2. Replace the old damaged parts: Replace the traditional star nut and top cover, which is a must-have for the bicycle front fork tube. The perfect tool to help you replace old bicycles, mountain bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes and other practical accessories, easy to load and unload, suitable for front forks with an upper outer diameter of 28.6mm, suitable for carbon fiber front forks and mountain suspension forks. Drop in rather than press in.
3. Rugged and durable: It can be used repeatedly, has a strong bite force, does not damage the front fork, an essential element of a first-class bicycle, eliminates the risk of damage and provides additional support for the fragile top edge of the address. Can firmly connect the front fork and the stem
4. Size: Compatible with 28.6mm front fork; suitable for 30mm inner diameter front frame tube, and 28.6mm for hanging core installation. Height: 35mm (effective height: 33mm)
5. Adapted models: electric bicycles, fixed-speed bicycles, folding bicycles, road bikes (but corresponding specifications must be installed).
Package Contents:
3 10MM washers
1 5MM washer
1 3MM washer
1 2MM washer
1 screw
1 hanging core
1 top cover


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Bicycle Head Lifting Core Headset Washer
$28.80 $18.00