Colorful multi-faceted electronic toy glowing dice


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Rechargeable LED Dice: Upgraded rechargeable dices are the coolest dice you’ve ever seen! The electronic dice set automatically light up and go out when collisions or rolls occur. The polyhedral dice set comes with a charging bin that charges for 2 hours and continues to glow for 6 hours, allowing you to recharge the polyhedral dice for repeated use.
Gaming dice sets: Dice tend to be slightly heavier than regular dice of the same size. When you shake the black dnd dice, the dice will emit colored lights such as red, blue and purple, which increases the atmosphere of the game. Hold all the might in your hand, and then, roll!
D&D dice set: For dnd dice set is composed of 7 black dice, including D4, D6, D8 and D10 (double Precision), D9 (odd Number), D12 and D20. You may be ready to take d&d or table games to a new level
Widely used: Used for dungeons and dragons dice game on table, shadow running, war Hammer, pathfinder, savage world, hero, RPG tabletop game and card game, etc.
Great for game lovers: Unlike traditional light up dice, each ZHOORQI light up dice is fitted with a circuit board and also has a charging case that allows you to charge the electric dice via a power adapter. Saving money and being collectible, one of the dice that every dice lover should have.


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Colorful multi-faceted electronic toy glowing dice