Yoga Headstand Bench- Stand Yoga Chair for Family, Gym

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Safely experience inversions without putting any pressure on your head, neck, or spine. Explore more freedom in your yoga practice with confidence and fun!

  • Master inversions safely and easily within minutes
  • Enjoy proper alignment with comfort and support
  • Build strength, flexibility, and balance
  • Expand range of motion with mindful control
  • Increase body awareness
  • Invigorate your workout routine with countless new exercises!

Take your movement practice to the next level with the world’s first ALL-IN-ONE personal yoga trainer for inverted postures, alignment support, and bodyweight fitness.

A GRACEFUL FRAME  Strong and Flexible
Just like a Yogi

The Trainer’s frame is made from multi-layered beech wood. Every side is bent of one piece, that was glued together by heavy pressing at high temperatures.

This makes the frame very durable and flexible in the same time. In a load-bearing test at Technical University of Braunschweig (Germany), this yoga chair resisted a load of 2000 lb (over 900 kg).

A SOFT CUSHION FOR SUPPORTDevoted to comforting your shoulders

A highly durable fiberboard and a thick padding made of recycled foam are covered by hand with a laser-cut vegan leather (synthetic).

The resulting soft cushion offers a generous support for your shoulders, for maximum comfort and safety while practicing with the Trainer.


We strongly believe in an animal-friendly society, so we cover our cushions only with sustainable faux leather, engineered to look and feel like real leather.



No pressure, no worries.

Classic headstands are a leading cause for neck injuries in yoga studios. The cervical spine was not designed to support our entire bodyweight! Not only will you learn how to safely invert with your  Trainer, you’ll learn valuable skills on how to helps others do the same with playful ease.ALIGNMENT, SUPPORTED.

Expand your yogic toolkit!

Over the course of our long weekend training, we share valuable insight on how to use the Trainer to better understand and create proper alignment from the ground up.


From practical teaching tips on how to support all students to in-depth study of layered progressions and anatomy, attendees develop a strong foundation in personal practice to provide solid and knowledge support for their home community.

The safest way for everybody to enjoy the many health benefits of inversions!

The Trainer is an amazing prop that allows everyone to practice inversions in a very easy and safe way, without putting pressure on your neck or spine.

Often referred to as “the fountain of youth”, inversions come with many health benefits, help you stay fit and thus are very powerful postures in every movement practice.

Success on the first try!

You might have heard you need years of yoga practice to do inversions? Definitely not! A 10-year old child and even grandparents can equally get the health benefits of inversions right away.

Please find below our relaxed 6-step guide on how to do a first inversion on the Trainer, and experience its wow-effects safely and with no pressure on your neck and spine!



German Engineering meets passion for Yoga.    This product is the result of German engineering,
combined with a great passion for yoga and movement.As all awesome props should, it is very easy to assemble,
and designed to comfortably stack and store in your home or in a studio.

Maximum recommended user bodyweight:
250 lb (114 kg)

± 8.5 lb (4 kg)

approx. 25.2” x 15.75” x 15.75”
(64 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm)






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Yoga Headstand Bench- Stand Yoga Chair for Family, Gym
$178.80 $134.10